I just thought that this would be cool but maybe there's "Distortion Areas" around the world from the Glitch? The areas are super dangerous and full of monsters. Things that stay in there too long are vunerable to modification.

I also think that paranormal places would be cool to have these, like the Bermuda (Devil's) Triangle. Yes? :0

Speaking of places, we should do some mapping for accuracy in animation and stuff. Me and Oda will give it a shot ONCE MY PEN COMES IN. There's some other details we'll need for that too.

Until then I have Pokemon Y hehe. My Fennekin's name is "Migraine" because I was thinking of how much my head hurt, then Searing Migraine technique (also a Fire Jutsu) by Kakuzu (HEART RIPPER) in Naruto hehe. My Fennekin is also female so I'll breed her and give you her babies if you'd like!!

Lil D
Much Better

Guess I'll just make more blogs like this for detail contribution. .3.

Oh, almost forgot. My officially favorite Gamestop clerk Ricardo told the best joke eva as I was picking up my Y.

I came in and was like "I pre-ordered Y" and he was like "So you can get the game right when it comes out"

Like "why" instead of "Y". AhahahaHAHAHAHA. (Sorry.)

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