Okay first, I had no clue I make so many blogs here. Atleast they're somewhat popular. >___<

Alright I noticed everybody be gettin' tablets and stuff, and it makes me sad. I was the first one to get one, now I'm the only one that doesn't have one. All I gotta do is get a new pen tho. x0

So I obviously blew up recent activities like usual, I've only been getting on in bursts.

The title is also the name of a song by A Day to Remember, they're my fav band but I don't think you guys'd like 'em psh. My blog titles always relate to something like that while still corresponding to the blog itself.

I've been kinda down in the dumps, with good reason IMO. I've been looking for someone too, and doing some soul searching. In ways I've been a hypocrite to a friend of mine I thought I was helping. His problem just occured earlier in the cycle than mine. I know he'll read this, so... Sorry man. x999.

I like that I'm meeting really cool peeps in highschool, and I didn't know who was even my friend until a recent event. I only enjoy talking to like 10 people though heh.

I know I told you guys I'd keep you updated on the band so, we're putting up flyers Monday to get a singer, drummer, and lead guitarist.

Series-wise, I've been coming up with a lot of animated shorts. Most depressing, but I guess viewers will emotionally connect more. Need that pen giljerlasjgsrghksrp

So how u been? :>

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