We need to figure this out guys, since we're branching away from AT.

I might as well start it off with my ideas, I should be able to handle the task considering how dark my ideas are. Altering backstories won't be so hard either guys.

The Glitch - Earth has run out of essential natural reasources and broke out into anarchy and violence. A confidential independent syndicate, with the goal of maintaining the planet creates a machine. The machine's purpose is to "reset" the planet by renewing the resources and repairing Earth's surface, returning Earth to it's "factory settings". The machine malfunctioned while achieving it's goal, adding unwanted changes. The machine was programmed to leave alone humans and preservation sites, but it modified or made humans disappear. This reset also effected our technology, therefore our warfare has returned to the simplicity of blade and arrow.

Future members of the syndicate could include Ashet, with Exus as a future salvation method.

Inhuman Act - Government unnecessarily modified everything with genetic engineering to "improve" it, and achieving the impossible. Rebellion only resisted against the unstable creations, but nobody knew the source (besides hippies). The "improvements" constantly backfired, sending Earth into a deformed chaos. Extraterrestrials often joke of humans as "The race that devolved".

This would make Karl fit into the story nicely too.

Heck, we could put these together too. >:3

Which history setting do you prefer?

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