Warning: Reading this will ultimately waste your time.

For the lawls.

Exus likes Allie, Allie likes Feron, Feron likes Lily, Lily likes Johnny, but

Johnny and Hazard like Cat. Cat's too good for anyone.

Then we just kinda let Oda, Alexis, and Arria do their thing, and

Karl is asexual. ;D

(Almost) Canon and Alternate Ships

But on a serious note, here's some pretty canon ships their alternates,

I didn't bother putting the name mashes:

  • Allie x Feron and Allie x Exus (This is fun to read as "ex Exus")
  • Lily x Feron and Lily x Johnny
  • Alexis x Arria and Alexis x Oda
  • Cat x Hazard and Cat x Johnny

And I think once we get the newcomers developed (and some not so new introduced,

there'll be a lot more.)

As for Karl, I think I just need to see him interact with other camp members I guess.

My Top Supported Ships (and Why):

  • Oda x Alexis (Not based on anything <____<)
  • Hazard x Cat (He cares for her without showing it)
  • Feron x All Females (Babe magnet)

Interesting Friendships

  • Hazard and Feron - Hide their glasses, rude by instinct, rad dudes
  • Exus and Karl - Artificial humanoids with unusual experiences and origins
  • Alexis and Feron - Connected by Oda, good trouble duo
  • Lily and Cat- Introvert and extrovert

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