Okay okay, first. I met TWO girls named Lily. One is like my bff, and the other is my homecoming date fhelgiwgahfulsegh. The friend one also has a mom named Cat, that I have a lot in common with.:'0

Second, I'm working on a couple projects. Camp Solace: Awakening, a doodle, and then a couple feels animations I plan to take like a month each on. For now the main code names are "Clouds", "Passing Notes", and a couple others I don't have much about. All probably being music videos.

Third, found a lead guitarist for my band. NEED TO FIND A DRUMMER.

Fourth, I can't stop playing Pokemon Y, but I should still play Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing uGHH. I don't really even have time too. Everyone at Turner is playing it omg. Might join the video gaming club fo dat.

I think that's all for now, thank you for your time. *u*

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