Okay, I think this would help with developement too.

So it could be called "Field Day", and it's (self-explanatory) basically as said in title, an annual field day between all the arcs. This will be the first Dissideffor will participate in, and perhaps the second ever.

A backstory for the event could be that it was created to get the campers' minds off of the recent tragedy and get them involved. Parallelis could be the winner of the previous field days.

So here we go, plot.

Field Day finally comes around again, and Blair is willing to do whatever it takes to win and maintain the honor of her arc finishing in 1st on field day. Blair believes 5th arc is also inferior to the other arcs, because it was made later down the road, it's full of campers that were kicked out, etc. Once they start doing well in field day events she refuses to allow them especially to win over-all. She orders 2nd arc members to sabotage the 5th arc as the day goes on, but it ends up not working towards her intentions. In the end and the 5th arc wins anyways.

This, of course, could also be official in-depth introduction of Oda, Feron, Blair, and any other 2nd arc members we conjure. We could touch up with a little teamwork/sportsmanship sub-theme, and there's plenty of times in this episode we could also go in-depth with relationships. We also get to go into Blair's hate for the 5th arc and how competitive she is. Like if one member were afraid they wouldn't do well enough, and then another motivating them right before the event.

It reminds me of all those underdog vs snobby camp movies. :3

The events could be something that touch base with all sorts of skills. There could maybe be:

  • an obstacle course, testing agility and whatnot (Feron vs. Lily? :0)
  • an invention/solution contest for brains (Jase could win this)
  • tug 'o war, team strength classic
  • an artistic contest for creativity, like painting or something (Cat could win this)
  • a naruto exam style combat tournament? xD

or i dunno you guys can touch minds and we can make a better list. Dx

I'd be fine writing this if you guys like the idea, but I'd need a partner in crime, being my first written episode~

Are my blogs pretty thought out? They're kinda like idea dumps.

Oh hey look the sun is rising.

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