It's been a long time since I've vented ideas, or anything at all really (besides bursts of comments here and there). I'm kinda feeling like I'm losing value and contribution to the crew. Don't say I'm not, because it's true, but I'll attempt to get back on my game. But anyways...


First, Feron. I feel he's a minor character, and I don't mind. I'm not requesting for more appearance. If you think about it, he's set up like a minor character. He only has connections with Recurrings. Like for example, Oda has connections with Alexis, a main character, so there's more opportunities to focus on him. But Feron is connected with Oda so the only times Feron comes to mind is with Oda. So uh, we can patch him or leave him, it's cool.

If we go with patching, there's a few ways to go, like ships and extra roles.

Last Names

Second, Blair is the only arc leader without a last name. Speaking of last names, hnngh.


To be honest I haven't read any of the new episodes at all, or even attempted. It's more of a time problem though. I don't really wanna pitch more of my episode ideas until I'm sure they don't have major contradictions to the current plot. Basically I have no clue what's going on besides what I see discussed, nor do I have any criticism towards the episodes either. I'll get to iiit. >___<

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