As some of you know, I have insomnia. I didn't sleep until like 4:30am last night (just laying there for hours, it's good for thinking), so I came up with some ideas.

And expect a TON of art soon, here comes my tablet. I'll take requests too, despite my level of skill. :0

I already have a couple things in mind I need to draw too.

So I looked the couple name changes for the achievements, and thought we should sort ranks out.

My idea would be like school/old fashioned style I guess? I dunno, just take a look and tell me whatcha think.

  • 8th grade and under would be apprentices.
    • Usually put into the 4th arc until their talent is discovered. (Like cutie mark crusading)
    • If you join any later, you still may have a mentor your first year.
  • 9th to 12th would be referred to by the highschool names.
    • Freshman, Sophmore, Junior, and Senior Camper
  • Seniors apply for the mentor program, training the recruit/new campers.
  • Vital missions are taken on by:
    • 1 Acevale member, personality traits, squad leader (duh), give the orders.
    • 2 Parallelis members, to get the job done.
    • 1 Terteria member, clever, and help avoid reckless decisions.
    • Sometimes assisted by Shadrivar members (mission circumstance).
    • Dissideffor members aren't included due to being an undeveloped arc that contains many members kicked out for misbehavior.
  • Awards and honorable titles can be given, like in the US Military.
  • When you graduate as a senior, you are either sent off to assist the world with justice, free lance, or continue to assist the growth of the camp.
  • You can "skip grades" due to skill or valor.
  • The highest ranks are arc leader and counselor as far as I know, anyways.
  • The camp should have some legendary campers stories!

And I would think "Blair" would take the time to train every Arc 2 member herself, to make sure every member is in acceptable condition as to her high standards.

Speaking of her, we need to confirm her measuremen- uh, character details soon. I call making her paaage. :'D

Oh, and I think eventually we should map out the camp.

And omg, what's up with the "Chat" drawings? I feel left out. xD

When I was typing the part about vital missions I came up with an episode idea, omg x2.

What if Acevale attempted to recruit Cat because she sucessfully leads the 5th arc, and she needs to decide whether to stay loyal to Arc 5 or accept the offer. :0

And what if the arcs had like logos, like animals er something. At first I had suggestions, they were like based off Chinese zodiac, but then I ran into problems like the sentence below and whatnot.

Btw guys it's hard for me to not relate the arcs to the Harry Potter factions or whatever, Goblet of Fire was my favorite. xD

Which reminds me, this also sounds like Camp Halfblood. Dx

Which reminds me, the arc leaders are like Kage in Naruto. x'D

And maybe even mottos too? Like maybe Arc 2 could be something like "No time for hesitation" or "We get the job done" or something. I dunno. .-.

Ugh, the night owl thing just hit me again. (I thought "who has time for this blog anyways", then my mind was like "you do") ;___;

So I'm like stuck between like 2 weapons for Feron, and I think the Josh character should smith it, whichever it is.

Well there's a chainsword (A sword x chainsaw cross-over) and there's an electic dagger. Or he could use both, omg x3.

Lol I had this hand laz0r idea for Feron, but it sounded really dumb after I thought over it. xD

Well speaking of the Josh character, I think he should be the camp blacksmith? He has to wear an apron guys, omg x4. :'D

I think that's all for now folks.

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