First off, since they're back, I think we should theme them based on the series.

Second, I'm earning these coincidentally.

Omg, don't judge me.

I'm working harder atleast okay.

jk I'd blow up the Wiki Activity no matter what.

I just realized I live the lonely life of the night owl.

Suits me, I guess, being from the "Lone Star State".

Speaking of which, going between states like this, I'm time traveling.

But anyways, maybe in the comments or amongst each other in chat or something,

we could put the ideas of the award and the tweaked version.

And then finding/drawing a related picture is easy. lonely... ;-;

Here, to make use of this opportunity to expand your knowledge:

This is the sad life of Lon'qu.

He had a girl, and they were attacked, and he failed to protect her.

She died, and he was scarred. He became terrified of women.

He gets a new one later on, and fails to protect her too, in the doomed future.

His life is sad. My life is sad. Let's be sad together, Lon'qu.

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