Yogurt Spill

aka YS

Camp Counselor
  • I live in Ylisse
  • I was born on June 12
  • My occupation is Mischevous Artist
  • I am One with Nature
  • Yogurt Spill

    We should have, like, a meeting. And, like, revive Camp Solace now. Time flies, we were working on this LAST SUMMER. 0_0

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  • Yogurt Spill

    Life Update

    October 14, 2013 by Yogurt Spill

    Okay okay, first. I met TWO girls named Lily. One is like my bff, and the other is my homecoming date fhelgiwgahfulsegh. The friend one also has a mom named Cat, that I have a lot in common with.:'0

    Second, I'm working on a couple projects. Camp Solace: Awakening, a doodle, and then a couple feels animations I plan to take like a month each on. For now the main code names are "Clouds", "Passing Notes", and a couple others I don't have much about. All probably being music videos.

    Third, found a lead guitarist for my band. NEED TO FIND A DRUMMER.

    Fourth, I can't stop playing Pokemon Y, but I should still play Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing uGHH. I don't really even have time too. Everyone at Turner is playing it omg. Might join the video gamin…

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  • Yogurt Spill

    Situation Developement

    October 12, 2013 by Yogurt Spill

    I just thought that this would be cool but maybe there's "Distortion Areas" around the world from the Glitch? The areas are super dangerous and full of monsters. Things that stay in there too long are vunerable to modification.

    I also think that paranormal places would be cool to have these, like the Bermuda (Devil's) Triangle. Yes? :0

    Speaking of places, we should do some mapping for accuracy in animation and stuff. Me and Oda will give it a shot ONCE MY PEN COMES IN. There's some other details we'll need for that too.

    Until then I have Pokemon Y hehe. My Fennekin's name is "Migraine" because I was thinking of how much my head hurt, then Searing Migraine technique (also a Fire Jutsu) by Kakuzu (HEART RIPPER) in Naruto hehe. My Fennekin is als…

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  • Yogurt Spill

    Favorite Commercial

    October 9, 2013 by Yogurt Spill

    Idk if you guys have ever seen this, but I relate so hard.

    And I feel so left out on the kawaii avatars omg, and right when I get people to do Hedgehog the Sonic ones. :(

    Me and Oda are full of surprises for Season 2!!

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  • Yogurt Spill

    Second Sucks

    September 28, 2013 by Yogurt Spill

    Okay first, I had no clue I make so many blogs here. Atleast they're somewhat popular. >___<

    Alright I noticed everybody be gettin' tablets and stuff, and it makes me sad. I was the first one to get one, now I'm the only one that doesn't have one. All I gotta do is get a new pen tho. x0

    So I obviously blew up recent activities like usual, I've only been getting on in bursts.

    The title is also the name of a song by A Day to Remember, they're my fav band but I don't think you guys'd like 'em psh. My blog titles always relate to something like that while still corresponding to the blog itself.

    I've been kinda down in the dumps, with good reason IMO. I've been looking for someone too, and doing some soul searching. In ways I've been a hypocrite to…

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