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  • I live in Australia mate.
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  • My occupation is To be happy.
  • I am On a unicorn Jumping over a double rainbow being chased by ninjas in a banana costume in a Ferrari holding pianos and it is raining apple juice.
  • The lego mind

    So uh...

    July 24, 2014 by The lego mind

    We are nearly done moving to the new wiki, shouldn't we have a chat soon? Like, the final bits?

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  • The lego mind

    Map ideas.

    July 8, 2014 by The lego mind

    Here's a map idea, im going to post more soon

    OK, so here's my first idea,  As you can see the Traning area is right next to you when you enter, so if travis has new people he can just show off his campers, also if anyone gets hurt in the training area, all they would need is a quick walk to the medical room. When travis is in his office, or in arc 1, he will have a perfect view on what's going on at the front of camp solace, especially the traning area. the 4th arc has only one cabin as all the members just sleep in one huge room. The 3rd arc just walk around the whole camp and have many opens to enter their arc. the 2nd arc is right near the medical room so once someone is finished and patched up, they can have an easy walk back to their…

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  • The lego mind


    1. I think every episode, there should be a little scene where Travis, takes down a page of a calendar that contains a countdown. Some of you know that Travis doesn't want to die once he turns 18.. So the countdown would be counting down from his birthday.

    2. I think we have this all sorted out, but incase not, here is my idea of why adults die after the glitch. First of all, not adults at all, humans all ages! What if the cause for these deaths are stressed? I mean, just before the glitch, people were so worried about the earth, when they made the machine to restart earth, they were worried it won't work, when they pressed the button, they were so stressed out they died (that sound weird...) so... The fact that it doesn't only happen to…

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