Okay, first off, I realize I have like, no say about anything when it comes to the story, that's up to the powers-that-be, but I like talking about my ideas.

Alright, to be honest, this is more to make myself happy, as I have a problem with the "Adults-dying" ( I honestly have no idea why, so don't ask.)  but this would keep adults to a minimum.

What if when people have children, they send them off to these "Camps" to prepare them for the world. But as soon as they reach adulthood (18), they're booted out to prevent over-population. Now this would be great for some story, maybe someone popular leaves and everyone misses them, they might want to go look for them, which would make them have to go out into the dangerous wild. (among other things. I'll get to that later) The missions would change to, leaving camp and searching for food, water and resources to help the survival of the camp. each arc would do the same thing I guess.

Maybe there is even a safe haven for adults, and some campers find it, and adults try to opress them and they'd have to be saved or something.

Now this next part was inspired by Beemo, we were talking once and she mentioned an episode revolving around a blackout, and I was thinking of other things to add to my "Story/plot" or whatever, and I was thinking: What if a blackout was the worst thing that could happen? So I thought of this. (THIS PART YOU CAN IGNORE. Think of it as an afterthought.)

Aside from overpopulation, adults are kicked out for the possibilty of mutating into monsters- Maybe caused by the glitch? I don't know -let's just call them Vampires, Vampires if they bite other people or animals, they can mutate them, for example.. If they bit an adult, they turn into big scary human-ish monsters.. Let's call these guys.. Trolls. Now trolls, like every other mutant creature, hate sunlight, but they love humans. Now Imagine it is night time (or just sometime dark) at CS, and at night, these massive lighty things come on, and this keeps the creatures at bay, now if there was a blackout.. Heck would break loose.

Now, I'd almost prefer if you didn't read this mess of a blog (if you can call it that, it's more like a blob of Brennyn Ideas)

But please, comment, judge openly, criticize, whatever.

Thank you for your time, yo.