Uhhhh, i ave honestly nothing to talk about, like ever, thats why i hate WRITING blogs, uhhhhhhh

god..... other than that lifes prretty good and whatnot.... im just bored thats it.

word of the day

Panegyric |ˌpanəˈjirik|


  • a formal speech or opus publicly praising someone or something

Monster of the week.


"This early description of the amphisbaena depicts a venomous, dual-headed snakelike creature. However, Medieval and later drawings often show it with two or more scaled feet, particularly chicken feet, and feathered wings. Some even depict it as a horned, dragon-like creature with a serpent-headed tail and small, round ears, while others have both "necks" of equal size so that it cannot be determined which is the rear head. Many descriptions of the amphisbaena say its eyes glow like candles or lightning, but the poet Nicander seems to contradict this by describing it as "always dull of eye". He also says: "From either end protrudes a blunt chin; each is far from each other." Nicander's account seems to be referring to what is indeed called the Amphisbaena"

- Wikipedia cuz' I am lazy

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