Greetings fellow Camp Solace developers, I'm glad we already made this far together. Not going too far from topic here, I'm going to discuss about this wiki's current situation. We have already made 5 aired episodes so far, and 6 major characters. What I'm pointing now is a long gap between episode 4 and episode 5, which is No Sleep and Dungeon Split. FTHG finished writing No Sleep on 9th June 2013, while Dungeon Split was finished on 27th June 2013. What happened between those time gap? let me get this straight.

  • Some people made so many discussions on Blogs, Chat, and sometimes Tinycat. But afterwards, we're focusing on the ideas too much that we forgot to write and develop the unfinished episode.
  • In my opinion, we should reduce the creation of shorts at the moment. A user mentioned it on another blog, about this short explosion. I'm not saying that we shouldn't make any shorts,  but we should reduce it and get along with the unfinished episode first.
  • Developing your own character is good, but don't get selfish with it. If you want to make a short/episode about him/her, don't make it too far pointed to your own character. Maybe you could get some suggestion and verification with other members here
  • Last, please I beg you. If you want to do something important to this show, please discuss it with the founder  or crats first. Like sending the series to Gerard Way, Recording our voice on Skype, investation, making it popular in real life, etc.

So please keep this in your mind, and lets discuss this together without any problems caused.

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