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First Arc Camp Counselor
  • Order Soldier

    How's everyone?

    I came back to use wikia for a long time to feel the nostalgic wind

    There's so much things that I miss, especially this place

    Just want to thank all of you my friends for filling my childhood memories and also you know, for being a friend.

    Maybe I became melancholic or such, but I just wanna share this before I don't have a chance to do it.

    Thanks guys, Really miss ya all, and I'll be seeing you if it's possible.

    Sincerely, OS

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  • Order Soldier


    June 29, 2013 by Order Soldier

    Greetings fellow Camp Solace developers, I'm glad we already made this far together. Not going too far from topic here, I'm going to discuss about this wiki's current situation. We have already made 5 aired episodes so far, and 6 major characters. What I'm pointing now is a long gap between episode 4 and episode 5, which is No Sleep and Dungeon Split. FTHG finished writing No Sleep on 9th June 2013, while Dungeon Split was finished on 27th June 2013. What happened between those time gap? let me get this straight.

    • Some people made so many discussions on Blogs, Chat, and sometimes Tinycat. But afterwards, we're focusing on the ideas too much that we forgot to write and develop the unfinished episode.
    • In my opinion, we should reduce the creatio…
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