Caroline (Carol) Verdine
Name Caroline (Carol) Verdine
Sex Female
Age 14
Species Human


Caroline has medium length turqoise hair. She wears a seagreen/turqoise dress as well as seagreen/dark turqoise high heel boots. She has dark turqoise earrings and bracelets. Carol also wears sunglasses and usually carries around a white cane due to the fact that she is blind. She is about 5'5" tall and 5'7" with her boots.


Carol is a carefree and imaginative girl. She prefers to avoid conflict, but will fight if it's necessary. 



Carol is good with guns and swords. Depite being blind, she is able to fight due to the fact that she can sense heat.


Caroline originally lived with her mother in the woods, who taught her to fight. After her mother passed away, knowing of no other people, she wandered off into the woods. She came across a meadow and began living there. She would constantly roleplay with various plush creatures or the cats that inhabited the forest, and lived a carefree life. She would often go on adventures and find various items. During one adventure in a temple, she was blinded by a trap. Unable to find her way out of the temple without her sight, she stayed there and began to eat the little food that she brought with her.


Various Cats

After she began living in the meadow, she soon made friends with many cats who inhabited the forest. She feeds them whenever she is able to.

Plush Friends

Caroline has many plush creatures which she roleplays with. She interacts with them in such a way that it would appear she actually believes they are alive. Despite this, she is aware that they are in fact inanimate objects, although she considers them her friends.



Carol has a rifle that she uses for hunting.

Dual Handguns

She uses dual handguns as her main weapons when she goes on adventures.

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