I'm gonna write a story that I might never finish or even do but yeah. It's gonna be REALLY cheesy probably.

All of the main and recurring characters will be in it

Some minors as well (comment if you want yours in it)

Cat is the main hero of it 

Hazard is also the hero

Exus as well

Something happens to Alexis, Arria, Lily, Johnny, Allie, Oda, and Feron. 


I need a villain 

So please comment any ideas or descriptions for a villain 

It could be ANYTHING. He/she needs to be mysterious and suspicious though.

Also, I need to know any special powers or skills Johnny, Arria, Alexis, Alexis, Exus, Hazard, or Cat have

Like, super special abilities or hidden skills.

Thank you very much now bye ohohoho

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