Ummm I'm gonna make a little thingy that you guys have to answer X3 Not for any particular reason, just a little get-to-know-you better thing.

Here's one I answered myself

1. fav AT character(s) - Beemo, Ice King, Jake i want to marry you ice king

2. least fav AT character(s) - you r gonna hate me for this but Marshall lee. He's so mean!! :(

3. OTP(s) (for anything) - IDKIDKIDKIDKIDK

4. fav color(s) - green :3

5. hair color (lol idk) - blonde

6. fav animal(s) - CATCATCATCATCATCATCATCATCATCATCATCACATCATCATCATCATCAT*explodes* oh and alpacas and hamsters :3

7. fav TV show(s) besides AT - Gravity Falls, Too Cute!, Regular Show, Chowder (ugh im such a kid ;~;)

8. fav food(s) -  ravioli c:

9. fav ice cream kind(s) - coconut serbet and chocolate

10. main trait you'd describe yourself - obnoxious

11. fav anime(s) - Sgt. Frog, Naruto, Hetalia, and FairyTale!

12. your rl name - Allison :P

13. your nationality (for Hetalia reasons :3) - German and Irish??

14. something you'd like to share with us :3 - Uhhhhhh I play the violin?????HEHAHAHAHAHAHA

your turn peasants

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