Um so we should consider using all these character ideas for other arcs.

Like SP had a few chars that she suggested

YS had these two guys (forgot names sorry DX)

And then I had a bunch of baloney ideas XD (Clarence plz plz plz)

so yeah just minor/bg characters for the other arcs

Maybe like for acevale this uptight surfer dude and goblin lady that looks like yoda (OS said something about a gandalf dude o3o)

Theeeen for parallelis this girl that has robotic claws and can dig underground and junk

Terteria is moving along smoothly

And for Shadrivar there should be these disco guys that enjoy cleaning cx and maybe there can be this super dreamy fairy girl that believes a knight will come and rescue her from something

Oh yeah, I had this duck lady (Ann I think was her name) and Kyle and bobby?

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