Okay so I like came up with a bunch of ideas for references in the show. See how many you can guess! So, here they are:

Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-

(The episode opens in the boy's section of the Dissedorfer cabin. We see Johnny at his computer with head phones on. He appears to mouthing the words to a song.)

Johnny: (mouths) MA YA HE! MA YA WHO. MY YA HA HA-

(suddenly, Hazard opens the door behind Johnny.)

Hazard: Uh, what are you doing? And why do you have a pillow tucked in your shirt?

Johnny: (jumps, takes off his headphones and turns around) Uh, nothing....

Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-

Cat: So Lily, I heard ya got a new pet?

Lily: Oh yeah! Her name is Nya Ann Danger.

(We see a cat with a grey head and a pink/purplish body)

Lily: Yeah. She tends to fart rainbows....

Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-

Johnny: No Cat you can't do this to me!

Cat: Too late. (drops Johnny's iPod into the blender and turns it to turbo)

Johnny: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-

Oda: So Feron, you think you can beat me?

Feron: Bring it on!

(It is an epic stare off between the two. Oda twitches and starts reaching to his pocket. Feron does the same. Suddenly, they each take out two light sticks and start sword fighting with them.)

Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-

(We see Allie in front of a white sheet. Her hair is a mess. She seems to be talking to someone offscreen.)

Allie: (with tears in her eyes) Leave Beemo ALONE!

Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-

(We see the camps at the baseball field. Suddenly, a huge light comes across the sky and crashes in the woods nearby.)

(Dialog, too lazy to type this.)

(The group goes to investigate. When they come across the spot, we see a strange larvae type creature.)

Hazard: Why is this?

Arria: (pushing through them) Awwwwwww he's cute. I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my squishy.

Voice: (Suddenly) BACK OFF SISTER!

(We see a green light and a flash of pink go across the screen.)

Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-

Arria: Come on guys. It looks like we have a mission!

Johnny: Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!

Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-

Oda: Feron! You have to check this out!

Feron: (Turns around dramatically)

Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-

Hazard: I WILL make it to that date Johnny!

Johnny: Not if you don't know the time!

(He starts grabbing all the clocks off the walls and selves of the cabin while Hazard chases him.)

Hazard: Just admit that you are jealous Johnny!

Johnny: No I am not JEALOUS!!!!!!

(They run out of the cabin. Johnny continues to grab clocks from all ares of the camp. Hazard still chases. They then read the dining hall. Johnny realizes he forgot the microwave clock. He then shoves all the other clocks inside. Hazard tries to stop him. He pushes a bunch of buttons and the clocks start to melt.)

Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-

(The song ends with that word. The audience goes crazy. The scene shifts to one camper in the crowd.)

Camper: Good show! Jolly good show! (Throws lollipops on stage.)

Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-

Cat: This is serious. Campers are disappearing all over camp! Does anyone have any ideas what this is about?

(Johnny stands up.)

Johnny: Well clearly we have a monster loose in our camp. It's climbing in your windows and snatching yo' up!

Cat: (glares at Johnny)

Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-

(The scene shows the campers gathered around a large pit on the outskirts of camp. The troll messenger stands closest to the pit while Tavis stands a few feet in front of him.)

Tavis: (filled with rage, speaking through clenched teeth while holding his sword near the troll's head) You come to my camp. You threaten my campers with war and suffering. Oh I have made my choice bloody troll. Maybe you should have chosen differently.

Troll: What is this?! This is madness!

Tavis: (hesitating, lowering his sword, he looks at all the campers. They nod in unison) Madness? THIS IS SOLACE!!!!!!!!! (kicks the troll into the pit)

Troll: (screams as he plummets to his doom)

Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-Epic Face-1-

More to come....

Anyone else can think of any?

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