Wow, we have known each other for awhile now haven't we? Well then I have decided to make a little tribute for no reason whatsoever. (my one year anniversary has already passed, go figure).

Anyway, here goes. To the tune (and parody of) this.

Intro: Hey everyone it's good to be here at the Adventure Time wiki chatroom. We have a very special show for you tonight featuring my friends, you guys! You are awesome!


So what are we gunna sing about guys? We are gunna sing a song about friends. What kind of friends? Well read on and I'll tell ya!

Who's there for you when you are sad and down?

Internet friends!

You chats with you and turns around your frown?

Internet friends!

Who makes blogs for you so others give support?

Internet friends!

Internet friends!

Internet friends!

Herp derp derp derp derp derp merp a derp

Internet friends!

Merp herp derp serp derp herp a derp merp

Internet friends!

Derp derp herp a derp derp da derp

You know what guys, all I've been typing is stuff about what you guys did for me. Well what have I done for you?

Who helps you think when you get artist's block?

Only an Internet friend would do that!

Let's post this thing Internet friends!

Who supports you on all your claims?

And does not cause you any pain?

What do all of us have in common?

We're Innnnnnnnnnnterneeeeeeeeeeet frieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeends!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all very much. :3

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