Okay so I have been thinking for awhile about created a bot account to test on the wiki. Now I want this bot account because I think it is important for organization to remove redirects, change names, and help with grammar.

So here are a few specific tasks I've noticed we need done:

  1. Johnny has been renamed three times, and a couple of other characters have also been renamed. In doing so, redirects are created that are rather grueling to fix. I want this bot to help eliminate all redirects and change character names on the pages. For instance:
  • Flambo > Johnny > Johnny Goode > Johnny B. Goode > Johnny Awsumeh
  • Travisource > Travis Speck
  • Cromwell Holt > Karl Holt
  • And basically every character has had last names or first names added I noticed.
  • Also, everywhere it says "Adventure Time Friends" or "ATF" should also be converted to "Camp Solace" or "CS." A bot should be able to do this too.
  1. I would also like the bot to help with coding. Now I know nobody is perfect, but a lot of pages I have edited had lots of unneeded coding. I have a really good example here. I hope this bot can get rid of all these ridiculous tags and stuff like that.
  2. Templates, especially character and object templates on pages. I prefer to make templates have <br> or <br/> tags to make them more organized and look nicer. This is not so much of an issue here, but I see this a lot on AT wiki.
  3. Also minor grammar fixes, such as punctuation in transcripts, capital letters for names, etc.

I will also check for other problems and will definitely take suggestions from you guys if you see anything that needs to be done.

My overall plan here is to get Yuzura's assistance in creating the account so I don't mess up, and release it on this wiki if you guys approve. If it does a good job here, since I was told bots are global, I might release it on AT wiki, again if the community approves.

Okay so, since I know polls are never reliable, just use the Support, Oppose, or Neutral templates in the comments and leave your opinion if you'd like.

Thank you. Heeeeeeeeeeeere's JOHNNY !!! 22:53, September 3, 2013 (UTC)

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