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  • Flambo the Epic Epic(;

    Here is the long lost video involving the history of Nigel:

    Him in the movie:

    That first video was cut out soon after the idea for the movie came out, and was replaced by him just singing about how evil he is.

    Now it's a music video with over 2 million views since December 5th. Thank you Rio.

    This is a troll blog. Do not get offended by this, all this information is wrong, so don't even look it up.

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    Which cover do you like butter?


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    Okay so I have been thinking for awhile about created a bot account to test on the wiki. Now I want this bot account because I think it is important for organization to remove redirects, change names, and help with grammar.

    So here are a few specific tasks I've noticed we need done:

    1. Johnny has been renamed three times, and a couple of other characters have also been renamed. In doing so, redirects are created that are rather grueling to fix. I want this bot to help eliminate all redirects and change character names on the pages. For instance:
    • Flambo > Johnny > Johnny Goode > Johnny B. Goode > Johnny Awsumeh
    • Travisource > Travis Speck
    • Cromwell Holt > Karl Holt
    • And basically every character has had last names or first names added I noticed.
    • Also, ever…
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    omg while I was browsing through videos today I found the video SP was talking about where Pen mentions the OCs and stuff.


    So what do you guys think? Can we get this thing wrapped up before the end of August (when most of us go back to school) and then show it to Pen?

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