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  • FinnAwesome

    I have to ask, what is your favorite short/episode overall? Just want to ask.

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  • FinnAwesome

    Hello guys, it has came to mind that people are just writing shorts just to introduce their characters. PLEASE DON'T.

    Be patient for your character to be introduced okay?

    We are writing too many shorts, so I suggest we stop with it. Let's focus on the first three we already got.

    sorry if i am being mean but like ;A;

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  • FinnAwesome

    Is ATF dying?

    June 29, 2013 by FinnAwesome



    i am scared

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  • FinnAwesome

    I was thinking of some ideas for future episodes. Hopefully you can share your own! :D

    Some ideas:

    • "Gummybuns", the gang discover the precursor to the Lumpy people, and they party in the camp.
    • "I, Robot", Cat discovers a robot called Exus, she adopts him and tries to teach him about human culture. Until one of the second arc members reprograms him!
    • "No Sleep", the gang try to have an awake contest, until a vampire puts a spell on them. Now they must escape from their nightmares in order to wake up.
    • "Troll Battle", Flambo starts up a fight with trolls, and the camp has to go to war.
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