Since Season 1 is done and over with, might as well plan for the next season. So that we know what episodes are going to be in it and it won't take us a month's worth of making each of them. This is where we can plan for some episodes to be in.

My Ideas

Exus in the Heliopause

This is basically a reboot idea of the failed episode, I Robot. Except instead Exus must travel back into time to stop The Glitch from happening. But instead, leaves up in the hands of Cat. Who adopts him as her son and teaches him about human culture and behavior. Lily ends up teaching him the wrong things and he goes haywire, causing a mess of destruction in the camp.

More episode ideas will come once I find the inspiration for them. 

Season 2 Episodes Confirmed So Far:

Field Day, Part 1

Field Day, Part 2

Sphere of Fear

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