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  • FinnAwesome

    I need help

    July 8, 2014 by FinnAwesome

    Okay, I need help from you guys, since I've seen many of your guys artwork, and many of you like Pokemon, so... 

    Who would like to help me out with the designs of the starters for a Pokemon fangame I have been thinking about? I know it might be a little big to ask, but it's up to you to decide the typings of the 2nd and 3rd stages, hidden abilities, what level they evolve, etc.

    I will choose the best design (in my opinion).

    (I'm sorry this isn't pertaining to CS, but I need some help.)

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  • FinnAwesome

    I'm not really liking how we are throwing in so many complicated ideas that we won't even use in the episodes. It just seems that CS is becoming a Percy Jackson-ish cash-in with all of it being complicated and serious. I kind of liked the old way we did things. (Minus the awful writing and "sitcom endings".) I don't want CS to be a complex drama with a super heavy story (Heck, even our brainstorming sessions are becoming super strict and serious.). Now, I do not want no continuity or character development, I like shows that can be light-hearted and have humor, but have interesting characters, some serious moments and development. What do you think? 

    (I'm not saying I want a unique universe in CS, I just don't want things to be execessive.)

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  • FinnAwesome


    November 20, 2013 by FinnAwesome

    So should we put CS on hiatus for a little bit? So we can get the second season together? Leave me your thoughts.

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  • FinnAwesome

    Season 2 Episode Ideas

    October 28, 2013 by FinnAwesome

    Since Season 1 is done and over with, might as well plan for the next season. So that we know what episodes are going to be in it and it won't take us a month's worth of making each of them. This is where we can plan for some episodes to be in.

    Exus in the Heliopause

    This is basically a reboot idea of the failed episode, I Robot. Except instead Exus must travel back into time to stop The Glitch from happening. But instead, leaves up in the hands of Cat. Who adopts him as her son and teaches him about human culture and behavior. Lily ends up teaching him the wrong things and he goes haywire, causing a mess of destruction in the camp.

    More episode ideas will come once I find the inspiration for them. 

    Season 2 Episodes Confirmed So Far:

    Field Day…

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  • FinnAwesome

    Exus in the Heliopause

    October 25, 2013 by FinnAwesome

    I has the plans for I Robot to be in Season 2. And to be renamed into Exus in the Heliopause. I GOT THE PLOT DOWN PATS. SO YEAH.

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