Hey Brozoco here AKA Adventure King 1 AKA that awkward guy. I want to help with the show & wiki, and after I was told i could help my mind started exploding with ideas. So here are some of them:

  • While thinking up a character I thought up Sam Fleisher. He was normal boy before the Glitch. Obsessed with comics and cartoons he always wanted to be a hero. After The Glitch he gained the abilities similar to a cartoon like the ability to negate the laws of physics, fourth wall breaking, hammerspace, off-screen teleportation and a higher resiliance to injury (otherwise know as cartoon physics). He was also driven slightly insane giving him a quirky personality and his powers don't always work well with regular laws of physics. While looking for crimes to fight he came across the Dissideffor Arc tying up a monster and followed them to camp. After talking to Tavisource he was put in the Shadrivar Arc
  • I also have episode ideas like:  
  1. Condiments are banned at Camp and Dissideffor try and get them unbanned. Meanwhile Shadrivar tries and solve the problem too (Intro for Sam).
  2. Cat goes on a solo mission. In a subplot Johnny is stuck in a full body cast and accidently creates a monter out of stink.
  3. In an PSA episode: A Mary Sue visits  the Camp. Also Allie & Lily wake up late and share their odd dreams.
  • I also think there should be a few episode focused on members of the other arcs becomes some of the minor/recurring characters seem interesting.
Starlet Dance by Happy the mongoose

I think this blog might be a little to long to read so enjoy a dancing Pokemon

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