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  • Brozoco

    Your shoes untied

    April 2, 2014 by Brozoco

    Ha, April Fools!

    This was weird (say hello to proffesor quagsire!)

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  • Brozoco


    July 30, 2013 by Brozoco

    Hey Brozoco here AKA Adventure King 1 AKA that awkward guy. I want to help with the show & wiki, and after I was told i could help my mind started exploding with ideas. So here are some of them:

    • While thinking up a character I thought up Sam Fleisher. He was normal boy before the Glitch. Obsessed with comics and cartoons he always wanted to be a hero. After The Glitch he gained the abilities similar to a cartoon like the ability to negate the laws of physics, fourth wall breaking, hammerspace, off-screen teleportation and a higher resiliance to injury (otherwise know as cartoon physics). He was also driven slightly insane giving him a quirky personality and his powers don't always work well with regular laws of physics. While looking for cr…
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