So, on chat we recently decided to make an ATF tumblr. The url is "aadventuretimefriends" (yes, with two "a"'s because "adventuretimefriends" was taken). If you want the username and password, ask me and I will give it to you. 

The main reason I made a tumblr is so we could post character bios and the new episodes, and maybe even gain a small fandom. This could be the gateway to us becoming popular and not only among our group of friends. 

If you need any help with tumblr and don't know how to do certain things, just ask me and I will help. 

If you already have a tumblr for yourself, I encourage you to follow yourself on the ATF tumblr. You can gain a tumblr, and it will be somehow linked with the ATF tumblr. 

If you want to discuss a new URL or anything else, discuss in the comments!

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