So before you all start blabbering, I got permission from 3 crats and 2 admins, so does that count? I'm gonna make a blog about it first hahaha

So here she is

Name : Kamille Hunterson

Sex : Female (obviously?)

Age : 14

Species : Unknown

Occupation : Camper, Adventurer, Student

Relatives : twin sister (gonna be mentioned on my episode!) and grandma

so thar she goes.

Appearance :

she has fair skin (a pale yellowish ivory), medium deep black hair (sometimes she ponytails it messily), dark brown almost black eyes. Her hands are has a few scars in it. She usually wears a T-Shirt with funny words on it, with slim fit blue black jeans, and greyish light blue converse shoes or flats. She stands 5'6" and is slightly underweight (80 pounds).

Personality' :'

She's really sarcastic and could be mean sometimes. She has a fun and funky personality. She can be sneaky and kickbutt and awesome.

well lets jump on the history

Backstory :

she lives with her grandma, who is one eye blind, ahs only 5 teeth left and bald. She was Cat's only friend, best friend, from school. Cat left due to bullying, she was devastated but she had other friends too. She was a A- student in her school. Despite of being slightly intelligent, she is has a horribly thick permanent record and was placed in camp to straighten her up into a hero. She has tried to murder a student witha autism for repeatedly annoying her, planned to kill the English teacher because everyone hated him, was caught driving without a license, was stuck in a fight witha actual weapons. She has a twin sister who got turned into a vampire (by Arria, accidentally in a sleepover when they were in primary/elementary school) who apparently got mental illness and is in the loony bin. Although she has a horrid background, she is a funky kid to be with and is really kickbutt.


it's about how Kamille comes to camp.

She calls Cat on her birthday and tells her she has a "surprise" for her. She goes to Camp Adventure making Cat surprised shocked happy excited and confused at the same time. They hug and stuff. Kamille tells Cat all the bad stuff she's been doing in order to be called here. She is called to Tavis's office, when he sees her report card he says "excellent! an A- student, and wow look an A+ in math! you're accepted Ms. Hunterson, we're glad to be having you and you're gonna be in Arc 3 no wonder school sent you!" he says happily and calls the Arc 2/3 leader (I think her name would be Blaire because he is YS's character and the most votes are for Blaire), she says "I bet you havent checked all her papers" and gives him her permanent records, he immediately read aloud all the horrid stuff she's done lately and immediately gets mad and dislocates her from Arc 2/3. Kamille says "but where do I sleep?" and they just shoo her from his office, she says "sheesh get a grip". Cat invites her into Arc 5 and Kamille gives Cat a gift, she introduces her to the members of Arc 5, she already knows Arria from primary school and tells her about her twin sis and teh loony bin. They have a small party for Kamille's arrival and Cat's birthday.

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