so guys


we are having a NEW and FRESH beginning.

We're branching off from Adventure Time. Which is, to me, is an EXCELLENT idea. And but we have to have roots from shows and or books that inspiire this show, I say Adventure Time is definitely one, but we are also sooooo Camp Halfblood (Percy Jackson), so we might make that a root.

And background music! And will this be semi-musical with songs? Like in Phineas & Ferb and Adventure Time? I say yes, songs are great. And we're planning on making a band. For the name I'll leave it all to YS for voting and crap. Well, we've got Feron on the bass, Johnny on drums, Kamille on guitars, and we need a vocalist and guitar number 2. But besides the usual band music, should we have some songs instead of dialogues? Since I've heard the Sock Song and stuff, and the idea of a semi-musical seems pretty good.

How about an antagonist? We can't have too many protagonists and semi-protagonists. So, FTHG and I are building a main antagonist, the enemy of the main protagonist (Cat). And we decided that YS's Cat Wannabe would be a perfect intro for her. So, in my opinion she should be a descendant of someone famous (Einstein), and she should be all Miss Perfect, snobby, rich, smart, and all that. And since no Mary Sues, well she should think she's perfectly smart and junk and after a loooooonngg time some peeps start to hate her. She should be from Cat's school and was a bully there, but was never found out.

About the Cat wannabe episode, it could introduce a lot of minors, just saying. Since we need minors, so I have a few if you guys approve. How about if Johnny's little sister comes to camp? And she's the opposite of Johnny? Like chaotic neutral? Lazy, mean, scary, but funny like Johnny? I'm gonna discuss with Flambo on this character. And how about twins from Arc 3/4? I'm calling them Marcella and Marceline Marcel. And since the campers aren't students in school anymore, would this be sorta like a boarding school? :/ So kids go to school at camp too? So how about adding section "Grade" to it? And since this is to create future heroes, why don't we have a weapon and ability training session? And kids would have to master at least one weapon and at least 2 techniques with it, and about the abilities on pages, can we put in (for all characters) "Inhuman Abilities" and "Human Abilities", since most of them are humanoids, so yes or no?


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