aka Kamille

  • I live in a luxurious palace
  • I was born on December 21
  • My occupation is a bad bad rebellious student
  • I am 100% feminine
  • BloodHunter99

    it's been a while

    September 29, 2013 by BloodHunter99

    it's been a while since i visited this place, so uhh hey!

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  • BloodHunter99


    July 10, 2013 by BloodHunter99

    okay idk if I did anything wrong, but if I did I'm gonna use this blog to apologize :)

    And if my blogs were harsh or anything, I'm just doing what YS does :/

    And if I'm pushy and aggresive I'm sorry

    but idk, well we're all buds so lets take this chance to say sorry to each other, like I did :)

    so sorry if I did anything wrong

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  • BloodHunter99

    so guys

    CAMP SOLACE, no more ATF XD

    we are having a NEW and FRESH beginning.

    We're branching off from Adventure Time. Which is, to me, is an EXCELLENT idea. And but we have to have roots from shows and or books that inspiire this show, I say Adventure Time is definitely one, but we are also sooooo Camp Halfblood (Percy Jackson), so we might make that a root.

    And background music! And will this be semi-musical with songs? Like in Phineas & Ferb and Adventure Time? I say yes, songs are great. And we're planning on making a band. For the name I'll leave it all to YS for voting and crap. Well, we've got Feron on the bass, Johnny on drums, Kamille on guitars, and we need a vocalist and guitar number 2. But besides the usual band music, should we ha…

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  • BloodHunter99

    So before you all start blabbering, I got permission from 3 crats and 2 admins, so does that count? I'm gonna make a blog about it first hahaha

    So here she is

    Name : Kamille Hunterson

    Sex : Female (obviously?)

    Age : 14

    Species : Unknown

    Occupation : Camper, Adventurer, Student

    Relatives : twin sister (gonna be mentioned on my episode!) and grandma

    so thar she goes.

    Appearance :

    she has fair skin (a pale yellowish ivory), medium deep black hair (sometimes she ponytails it messily), dark brown almost black eyes. Her hands are has a few scars in it. She usually wears a T-Shirt with funny words on it, with slim fit blue black jeans, and greyish light blue converse shoes or flats. She stands 5'6" and is slightly underweight (80 pounds).

    Personality' :'


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