I can't stop making them.

AU where they all are/turn evil.

Lily finally got to kill someone and remembers how fun it is and goes on a killing spree.

Johnny ends up not being able to control his fire power.

Arria eats humans (like in her description).

Alexis sells her soul to a witch in exchange for a power (you know cause she's human) and basically becomes a zombie.

Hazard puts on a disguise every night and kills people.

Whenever Allie eats bananas she becomes insane.

Exus becomes hacked and goes haywire.

Oda wishes to become stronger and he loses his mind with so much power.

Feron will kill everyone who gets in the way of him being the strongest in the world.

Cat is actually an alien who was sent to observe humanity to find their weaknesses and later destroy the planet.

And like they don't reviel their darker side at the same time. One by one they figure it out.

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