I'VE BEEN MEANING TO SAY THIS FOR A WHILE BUT I think we should back off on characters. What we SHOULD be doing is working on improving the story and writing episodes. PLEASE STOP THE CHARACTER CREATION RATE THAT'S GOING ON IS LIKE THE BABY BOOM. STOP. I'm not trying to be mean but I've been saying this for QUITE SOME TIME. PLEASE just listen. It's all i'm asking for. THIS is why I almost left. I don't mind if you make some background characters or whatever but LISTEN when I tell you that your character can not be main BECAUSE IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE. I love you guys and all but you're making me REALLY REALLY STRESSED OUT. I just want to back off on characters PLEASE. Let's just go back to making episodes and improving the story. ALSO, IF THE BCRATS SAY THAT YOUR CHARACTER IS MINOR THEN ITS MINOR. PLEASE STOP BOTHETING US, ITS REALLY GETTING OUT OF HAND. WE will decide WHEN your character will make an appearance. Can you people think about something other than your own charscter for once!? I'm sorry if I offended you BUT THE AMOUNT OF STRESS I AM GETTING FROM THIS IS MAKING ME CRY. PLEASE JUST STOP OK. PLEASE STOP ASKING FOR MY CHARACTER THIS AND MY CHARACTER THAT BECAUSE I AM LITERITLY GETTING THESE EVERYDAY AND IT MAKES ME NOT WANT TO COME HERE ANYMORE AND IT MAKES ME WANT TO GO IN A CORNER AND CRY.

I'm not trying to be mean here but if that's what it takes for you guys to listen, then so be it. Stop with the character fuss. Stop with the character appearance fuss. Stop with the appearance in episodes fuss.

I love you.

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