Alright the series is going pretty good so far. What I think we should have next season, though, is more character development and more of the glitch (just a few hints would be fine). Right now it seems season one is full of filler episodes and that's okay because it kind of keeps readers guessing what will be in store next season.

Character development:

What will a character do when forced to make a tough decision for everyone?

How will a character react to doing things themselves?

How would a character over come challenges they face?

What is the relation of Character A to Character B?

What happened to a character that shaped what they are like today?

Stuff like that.


What was life like before the glitch?

How does a character react to finding out about the glitch?

What opinions does a character have about the glitch?

I wouldn't worry about romantic relationships until next season but if you want to add a couple of hints feel free to do so.

This is just my 2¢ here.

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