Hello ducklings, I'm here to tell you that i've come up with another series idea. And no I'm not going to abandon this wiki and this series. I just wanted to write this to ask for your opinion on it. Characters are based off of people here, again. Im not promising any main roles or anything. I already have 4 main characters planned out already. So tell me what you think!

There's a lot of deep thought in this series, so I gave me some more freedom to add my philosophy and junk that i couldn't do with CS.

The story starts off introducing a 14 year old girl who is walking to an unknown location. She describes herself as unsocial because she doesn't participate in team activities, and has a hard time talking to strangers and even her friends. She then mentions that she is a "liar" because she doesn't have a personality of her own, she just makes them up to please the people in her life. She'll act responsible to her parents, easy going to her friends, and studious to her teachers. She then mentions that people sometimes lie so much about who they are, that they forget who they really are themselves. Then, she stops walking and is in front of a store. She buys a new program called "Project Adventure" (hur hur get it) and goes home to install it.

What happens next? I don't know that's all I got so far.

If you really must know the characters I'll give you hints of two of them. In the series, video games are heavily used so here's the usernames.

1. beemu ;D 2. miamae :)) 3. odaceus  4. PossiblyYShurhur

no there are no emoticons in their username i just put it there :P

Hooray for new seriesssssss!

(Note: 4 MAIN characters. There will be moar...)

This series incorporates things from many series so if you see any references, you know.

EDIT: The first chapter of the intro is here if you want to read it.

Intro: Part 1

The enriching sound of birds chirping surrounded the area. The delightful, salty smell of the ocean breeze filled the air. Outside, the world felt tranquil and relaxed. Nobody could deny the array of euphoria that seemed to perk up everyone’s spirits. The heat of the sun enveloped everyone... well almost everyone.

She was an odd one. Through her curtains, the subtle rays of sunlight barely touched her skin. Her eyes were dull and heavy, like she was carrying the weight of the world. She could not remember the last time she has ever fully enjoyed herself in others' company. At twelve in the afternoon, she was sound asleep. Who was the culprit of her careless behavior, you might ask? No one other than herself. She had spent the night playing video games, mostly Animal Crossing.

Her bedroom was decorated whimsically. With plushed toys and videogames scattered over the floor, one might believe that the room belonged to a child. This, however, is not true. The girl’s name is Christine and she is fourteen years old. The pink walls and kitten printed bedding did not help her case. At the corner of her room, a barely audible knocking echoed through the area. The door slowly creaked open, revealing the figure of a young boy, who is in fact, her caustic older brother. His eyes scanned the room until he identified the girl sleeping soundly in her bed.

Then, a loud ringing erupted the peaceful silence of her room. The piercing sound of the alarm her brother had set, woke up the drowsy girl from her slumber. Gaining her conscience, she sat up from her mattress and sheltered her delicate ears with her hands to block off the noise while her sibling laughed at his antic. She gazed her eyes upon him a stare that could pass off as a witch’s glare. A tone of annoyance emerged from her lips, “What was that for?”

Her relative could barely breathe, much less talk, from the event that had just occurred. He stifled his laugh and replied, “Mom says she’s leaving you in charge of the house today while she’s at her meeting.”

Christine pondered the thought of staying by herself. She was delusional with the fact that her house is haunted. “What about you?” she asked.

“I’ll be on a pirate ship sailing the ocean blue.” he answered sarcastically, which translates to “I’ll be at football practice.”

She rolled her eyes to her brother’s witty comment but a smile curled on her face. Her new video-game that she pre-ordered would be arriving today at the store and she could play it without any interruptions.

As if reading her mind, he said in a matter-of-fact tone, “Oh, and you’ll be doing the chores today.” A small smirk plastered across his face. He had just gotten himself out of his responsibilities, and she could not argue.

A deep sigh escaped her lips as she made her way across the room to the door. Her hand barely touched the handle when her sibling stopped her.

“You’ll be doing the chores today” he repeated.

The girl only giggled and left the room, leaving her confused brother by himself. Through the door she could hear him repeating his sentence in the form of a question.

“You will be doing the chores, right?” he asked in confirmation.

She gleefully smiled to herself as she walked down the stairs and into the big world. She had never said yes.

I'm debating on making it written short stories, or drawn out comics. >_<

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