I just had an AU idea where the characters are all friends that meet on the Internet. They are also all human with interest similar to how they look and are currently in this universe. Later they all have a plan to meet each other IRL since they live in the same area. They all go eat ice-cream and find out they have all won the grand prize of a contest the ice cream shop/company is having. The prize is mailed to them. They each receive a ring that resembles the ones you would receive from a Cracker Jacks bag. Everyone is disappointed but accepts the prize anyways because it's free. They all say their goodbyes and return home. When they all enter the chat room again, the rings start flashing. Everyone takes notice to this immediately and start panicking. Then suddenly (CHARACTER 4) stops chatting. Everyone becomes more worried and scared. One by one each character disappears until (CHARACTER 1) is the last one. By now (CHARACTER 1) is flipping OUT. Then, (CHARACTER 1) is transported to a dimension of (CHARACTER 1)'s greatest fear. Everything looks the same as the regular dimension they were in but with slight changes. The characters must use their chatroom to help each other out and communicate because the people in their dimensions are completely useless. Though this they discover that they have a hidden power that can only be used when their ring flashes. Everyone must work together to get out of the dimension that they are in. Later they find out that their previous dimension (regular earth) was destroyed and they must avenge it by finding out what happened when they left. Slowly, they find out how things changed and question the true intentions of the people who sent them the rings.

CHARACTER 1: Catherine Fenwick

CHARACTER 2: Johnny Awsumeh

CHARACTER 3: Lily Danger






Any questions regarding the story and characters will be answered by me. If you would like to help write, ask me!

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