SO, I went around the wiki looking at blogs and talk pages and character pages and whatnot...and I made a collection of ALL the episode ideas to make things a bit more organized, because I have major OCD. hurrr

So here we go:

  • "Gummybuns", the gang discover the precursor to the Lumpy people, and they party in the camp.
  • "I, Robot", Cat discovers a robot called Exus, she adopts him and tries to teach him about human culture. Until one of the second arc members reprograms him!

^^ these are from FA's blog

  • Everyone sneaks into Tavisource's office to retrieve something, he comes back, and then they all go into the closet to hide. We stay in there until he locks up, and we're trapped.
  • Boys vs. girls competition sleepover OR its guys night and everyone is pumped but the girls wanna know what they're doin so they spy on them and try to crash it
  • Gum gets stuck in someone's hair (one of the girls maybeee) and it takes over their body.
  •  Lily, Cat, and Johnny have to babysit. Lily babysits the babies, Cat babysits the toddlers and kids, and Johnny babysits teenagers. It doesnt work out, they switch roles, the end.
  • all the girls are fighting over a guy (new camper, love potion, etc.)
  • Feron and Lily act like parents to a stray cat they find and Allie is the babysitter? It sounded reeally cute. (sounds like a short idk)
  • A wizard pops up and tells everyone their horrible future and then vanishes and everyone tries to prevent it from happening?
  • Holt gets captured by the campers after he pretends to be a ghost. (courtesy of CHolt joking) ---i don't even care I put it on here anyway.
  • Acevale attempted to recruit Cat because she sucessfully leads the 5th arc, and she needs to decide whether to stay loyal to Arc 5 or accept the offer.
  • While Tavis goes away for the weekend everyone plans a secret party and invites the whole camp.
  • Someone in the Dissineffor arc goes missing and everyone pitches in to find them.

Yes, I copy and pasted...I know. ITS NOT PLAGIARIZING I SWEAR Dx

I can add more as we think up some more....which I don't think we will need too

Also, I can scratch some ideas...this way someone can just write an episode without asking the admins constantly.


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