Really Mean
Artist Alexis Ryerson
Type Other
Runtime 35 Seconds

Really Mean is a song sung by Alexis Ryerson in upcoming episode. It was written by Beemo and sung by FTHG (Alexis's voice actress). It is about how Alexis isn't always as tough as she seems on the outside, and shows her vulnerability.


You always gotta be so mean,
But darling why can't you see?
That I'm not as strong as you think,
You're breaking everything in me...
I'm telling, telling, you stop,
But I know, I know, you're not.
I'm telling, telling, you no,
And you ought, you ought, to go.
If you would, you would, just see,
How much you're really hurting me.
Maybe then you'll know how,
How mean you really can be.


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