Lily's Cabin
Concept Art
Type Cabin
Ruler/Owner Lily Danger
Location Camp Solace
Notable inhabitants Lily Danger
Allie McGrath

Lily's cabin is one of Dissideffor's cabins inhabited by Lily Danger and, later, Allie McGrath. It's a small room that includes a bunkbed with Allie on top and Lily's cat bed on the bottom. It's not the cleanest room, with clothes scattered everywhere and fish bones piled up.

Lily has the right side of the room. It has a small cat tower with a toy, one of her sweaters hung up, a litter box, and her knives and swords up all over the walls.

Allie has the left side of the room which includes a bookshelf (behind it is a stash of bananas), a desk with a laptop, and her pile of clothes.

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