• Order Soldier

    How's everyone?

    I came back to use wikia for a long time to feel the nostalgic wind

    There's so much things that I miss, especially this place

    Just want to thank all of you my friends for filling my childhood memories and also you know, for being a friend.

    Maybe I became melancholic or such, but I just wanna share this before I don't have a chance to do it.

    Thanks guys, Really miss ya all, and I'll be seeing you if it's possible.

    Sincerely, OS

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  • Happy Smoothie


    May 23, 2016 by Happy Smoothie

    its been 9000 years 

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  • Giaria

    Last Blog (on this wiki)

    July 26, 2014 by Giaria

    So! As you (hopefully) know,we're moving to a new wikia soon. I'm adding day/night chat,and I've currently made the theme there look exactly like the one here. We're probably going to be designing a new theme. I think we should decide a date to finally get things wrapped up,since I think we're all just about done if not already done with our OC sheets. We should also chat soon about the first so this season won't be in development hell any longer. That about wraps this up. See you later!

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  • The lego mind

    So uh...

    July 24, 2014 by The lego mind

    We are nearly done moving to the new wiki, shouldn't we have a chat soon? Like, the final bits?

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  • New Camper

    What is your timezone?


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  • FinnAwesome

    I need help

    July 8, 2014 by FinnAwesome

    Okay, I need help from you guys, since I've seen many of your guys artwork, and many of you like Pokemon, so... 

    Who would like to help me out with the designs of the starters for a Pokemon fangame I have been thinking about? I know it might be a little big to ask, but it's up to you to decide the typings of the 2nd and 3rd stages, hidden abilities, what level they evolve, etc.

    I will choose the best design (in my opinion).

    (I'm sorry this isn't pertaining to CS, but I need some help.)

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  • The lego mind

    Map ideas.

    July 8, 2014 by The lego mind

    Here's a map idea, im going to post more soon

    OK, so here's my first idea,  As you can see the Traning area is right next to you when you enter, so if travis has new people he can just show off his campers, also if anyone gets hurt in the training area, all they would need is a quick walk to the medical room. When travis is in his office, or in arc 1, he will have a perfect view on what's going on at the front of camp solace, especially the traning area. the 4th arc has only one cabin as all the members just sleep in one huge room. The 3rd arc just walk around the whole camp and have many opens to enter their arc. the 2nd arc is right near the medical room so once someone is finished and patched up, they can have an easy walk back to their…

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  • New Camper

    I don't know

    July 7, 2014 by New Camper

    Summer is here and I understand if anyone's taking a break.

    But question. Can I make Ellise a page now or not?

    I think some of you are in AT wiki.

    I haven't watched AT much anymore.

    And I like cheese.


    P.S. : Go on chat

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  • Incendiary Blossom

    Okay so I'm just gonna post some logo ideas for the series here, feel free to add your logos in the comments! Also please view the high resolution versions of these. These colors are just examples of the designs in different colors. I can make them any color. (They may need just a tiny bit of cleaning up.)

    Idea #1

    Idea #2

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  • The lego mind


    1. I think every episode, there should be a little scene where Travis, takes down a page of a calendar that contains a countdown. Some of you know that Travis doesn't want to die once he turns 18.. So the countdown would be counting down from his birthday.

    2. I think we have this all sorted out, but incase not, here is my idea of why adults die after the glitch. First of all, not adults at all, humans all ages! What if the cause for these deaths are stressed? I mean, just before the glitch, people were so worried about the earth, when they made the machine to restart earth, they were worried it won't work, when they pressed the button, they were so stressed out they died (that sound weird...) so... The fact that it doesn't only happen to…

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  • PotterShoe

    Flint and Steel

    June 28, 2014 by PotterShoe

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  • SlothIncorperated

    Plot idea?

    June 24, 2014 by SlothIncorperated

    Okay, first off, I realize I have like, no say about anything when it comes to the story, that's up to the powers-that-be, but I like talking about my ideas.

    Alright, to be honest, this is more to make myself happy, as I have a problem with the "Adults-dying" ( I honestly have no idea why, so don't ask.)  but this would keep adults to a minimum.

    What if when people have children, they send them off to these "Camps" to prepare them for the world. But as soon as they reach adulthood (18), they're booted out to prevent over-population. Now this would be great for some story, maybe someone popular leaves and everyone misses them, they might want to go look for them, which would make them have to go out into the dangerous wild. (among other thing…

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  • Odaceus


    June 22, 2014 by Odaceus





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  • Beemo

    Tomodachi Life

    June 21, 2014 by Beemo

    Hey guys I just got Tomodachi Island today! I'm making a Camp Solace Island for our characters to interact and a tumblr where I will post screenshots I take!

    I'm making the Miis and I need to know their birthdays. Thanks!

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  • New Camper


    June 20, 2014 by New Camper

    Gusy I knpw you want your character's all fresh and young but it's been a year and they can't be 14 forever. Lets raise the age to 15! Cause ill feel lonely if I did that to Ellise and you guys are 14.

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  • New Camper

    Someone please comment what time they can go on at chat or just go there now! im there!

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  • Beemo


    June 19, 2014 by Beemo

    um ok! i'm gonna try to make a CS video game!! It's gonna be very simple eheh...

    If you can/want to please help me!! :))

    Checklist (ignore this unless u wanna help xPP) 

    • sprites
    • backgrounds
    • cool music
    • more...idk?? 

    yAH i'll link give u the download link when i'm done okokok 

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  • FinnAwesome

    I'm not really liking how we are throwing in so many complicated ideas that we won't even use in the episodes. It just seems that CS is becoming a Percy Jackson-ish cash-in with all of it being complicated and serious. I kind of liked the old way we did things. (Minus the awful writing and "sitcom endings".) I don't want CS to be a complex drama with a super heavy story (Heck, even our brainstorming sessions are becoming super strict and serious.). Now, I do not want no continuity or character development, I like shows that can be light-hearted and have humor, but have interesting characters, some serious moments and development. What do you think? 

    (I'm not saying I want a unique universe in CS, I just don't want things to be execessive.)

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  • Beemo

    oc fill out sheet

    June 15, 2014 by Beemo

    Character Reference Sheet-ness

    Basically this reference sheet covers pretty much everything a person would ever need to know about your character.. and then some.

    -Basics- Let’s face it. If somebody were to just glance over the reference sheet, at least you can feel some reassurance in knowing that they got the bare minimum

    Name (Nickname):

    Age:  Please if you’re going to give your character some ungodly, few centuries old, age, make sure to include what age they looks like. Otherwise all shall assume they appear to be a rumpled piece of leather, ran over by some sort of moving vehicle, after being regurgitated by a cat. Obviously, this is a little pet peeve of mine.



    List three to five most important things about your character.  If no…

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  • Incendiary Blossom

    Logo idea??

    June 13, 2014 by Incendiary Blossom

    I noticed camp solace doesn't really have a logo so here's an idea i guess

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  • Odaceus





    SO BYE

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  • Incendiary Blossom

    Sorry they're not very good and on paper and messy and yeah

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  • Happy Smoothie

    Okee well

    June 12, 2014 by Happy Smoothie

    I tried to redecorate the wiki a little to make it a little more lively...and if you don't like it feel free to change it UwU I just did all I could for now to at least make some progress

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  • Yogurt Spill

    We should have, like, a meeting. And, like, revive Camp Solace now. Time flies, we were working on this LAST SUMMER. 0_0

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  • Odaceus




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  • Happy Smoothie


    April 19, 2014 by Happy Smoothie

    i wish i was more active so I can be closer to you guys ;;;;; nobodies gonna read this so wtf am I even doing I hate my internet life

    Oh and I can finally stop lying about my age on the internet so yay hope you guys have a nice week

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  • Waffleman697


    April 4, 2014 by Waffleman697

    Hey It's Me Timmothy Waff Im the prince of the wafflekindom but recently my dad told me I was adopted. During the war my parent put me in a "Shell: is what my dad the WaffleKing Say's. I ran away looking for a place to stay and I found Camp Solace and I hope to join you. I dont have much but the clothes on my back and a few things in my grey backpack including my sword. I hope one day to find out what happened to my parents.

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  • Brozoco

    Your shoes untied

    April 2, 2014 by Brozoco

    Ha, April Fools!

    This was weird (say hello to proffesor quagsire!)

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  • Happy Smoothie


    March 15, 2014 by Happy Smoothie


    Mario. Nintendo's lovable gaming mascot. But what secrets does this "hero" hide?

    lol the minute I saw this I was convinced that Mario is a murderous psychopath WATCH IT oh and there's a part two on youtube if you're interested

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  • Octomallow

    I was bored so this

    You should probably look at the full size images lol

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  • Bro Strider


    February 25, 2014 by Bro Strider

    after the camp solace series is over,

    like after a couple seasons (?) or whatever,

    are we gonna be working on like a PART TWO with NEW MAIN CHARACTERS?????

    bc that'd be really rad.

    don't be worrying about it now because we haven't even started season two but still.

    plus i really like designing characters and any character i create from this point on will probably be two million times better than lily ever will be. my creative mind has matured and blossomed into what i can call a fuckopolis of wonderfully awful bullshit and i need to EXPRESS IT before my eyeballs quite literally implode.

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  • Happy Smoothie

    um so

    February 19, 2014 by Happy Smoothie

    Is season two back on?

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  • Beemo


    February 1, 2014 by Beemo

    I currently have some personal problems and I really need to take a break. I'm really sorry that I'm leaving you guys right after PS just came back but it's been really hard for me to keep going. I hope you all understand. Not really sure how long i'll be gone or even if I come back but this has been really hard on me. Both due to a loss of my friend who took her own life due to anon hate on tumblr and because nobody really likes me here and on the AT Wiki. Someone told me that everyone says that i'm an attention seeker, rude, annoying, the bad kind of sarcastic, know-it-all, miss perfect, etc. behind my back. I'm not mad at you, but I really didn't need to know this information. My life has already been miserble enough and I did not need …

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  • PrinceGumball22

    Not quite sure

    January 27, 2014 by PrinceGumball22

    So I just kinda randomly wandered over here into Camp Solace. From waht I can tell it's not a real thing? Just checking? But you guys wanna make it a REALLY REAL THING.right? sounds amazing.

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  • Octomallow

    Character Proposal

    January 21, 2014 by Octomallow

    Caroline has medium length turqoise hair. She wears a seagreen/turqoise dress as well as seagreen/dark turqoise high heel boots. She has dark turqoise earrings and bracelets. Carol also wears sunglasses and usually carries around a white cane due to the fact that she is blind. She is about 5'5" tall and 5'7" with her boots.

    Carol is a carefree and imaginative girl. She prefers to avoid conflict, but will fight if it's necessary. 

    Carol is good with guns and swords. Depite being blind, she is able to fight due to the fact that she can sense heat.

    Caroline originally lived with her mother in the woods, who taught her to fight. After her mother passed away, knowing of no other people, she wandered off into the woods. She came across a meadow and…

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  • Beemo


    January 19, 2014 by Beemo

    ye share your's below!! 

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  • Flambo the Epic Epic(;

    Here is the long lost video involving the history of Nigel:

    Him in the movie:

    That first video was cut out soon after the idea for the movie came out, and was replaced by him just singing about how evil he is.

    Now it's a music video with over 2 million views since December 5th. Thank you Rio.

    This is a troll blog. Do not get offended by this, all this information is wrong, so don't even look it up.

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  • Ember Princess

    Christmas Special???

    December 20, 2013 by Ember Princess

    Hello guys! I will be here everyday now and be in chat 24/7 (MAYBE!) I was thinking a Christmas Special? To get 'em spirits lifted. I know not much people are active anymore and maybe when we make something special we might get more users or something in here. So big plot, many characters and maybe a small animation?

    '(Be in chat for this :DDD)'

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  • Odaceus


    December 6, 2013 by Odaceus







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  • Beemo


    November 29, 2013 by Beemo


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  • Happy Smoothie

    hi thar hueheueheuheueh

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  • Odaceus


    November 22, 2013 by Odaceus

    I've been seeing some fighting on here lately.


    We're all friends here and fighting won't help this wiki NOT die.                                               



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  • FinnAwesome


    November 20, 2013 by FinnAwesome

    So should we put CS on hiatus for a little bit? So we can get the second season together? Leave me your thoughts.

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  • Odaceus

    Sailor Drawing Chain

    November 12, 2013 by Odaceus


    I am starting a drawing chain

    what you has to do is

    draw your OC

    in a Sailor Moon outfit.

    The end.

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  • Ember Princess

    Haha I'm back..?

    November 11, 2013 by Ember Princess

    I have been absent from wikia for like 2 or 3 months now? I've been totally addicted to other stuff and all of that so I'm prob gonna be active again or something :T So is anyone willing to give me a short summary of what happened while I was gone?

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  • Flambo the Epic Epic(;

    Which cover do you like butter?


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  • Happy Smoothie

    So Guys

    November 3, 2013 by Happy Smoothie

    Ahhhhhn soo I've notice the activity hasn't been very high for a while

    but everyone's got their business and junk sooooo

    • happy late halloween :{) (i was a huntress >w
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  • FinnAwesome

    Season 2 Episode Ideas

    October 28, 2013 by FinnAwesome

    Since Season 1 is done and over with, might as well plan for the next season. So that we know what episodes are going to be in it and it won't take us a month's worth of making each of them. This is where we can plan for some episodes to be in.

    Exus in the Heliopause

    This is basically a reboot idea of the failed episode, I Robot. Except instead Exus must travel back into time to stop The Glitch from happening. But instead, leaves up in the hands of Cat. Who adopts him as her son and teaches him about human culture and behavior. Lily ends up teaching him the wrong things and he goes haywire, causing a mess of destruction in the camp.

    More episode ideas will come once I find the inspiration for them. 

    Season 2 Episodes Confirmed So Far:

    Field Day…

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  • FinnAwesome

    Exus in the Heliopause

    October 25, 2013 by FinnAwesome

    I has the plans for I Robot to be in Season 2. And to be renamed into Exus in the Heliopause. I GOT THE PLOT DOWN PATS. SO YEAH.

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  • Beemo

    Old Series Ideas

    October 24, 2013 by Beemo

    I just remembered some of my OLD (like 2nd grade old) series ideas that I had.

    Time Travelers:

    When two twins/siblings have the same dream on the same day about a historical event, they have to travel back in time to change the events to what really happens or else the future will change. Their enemy is Mr.Tickity (oh god why) and he changes things in the past (like making England win the Revolutionary War instead of America).

    Stone Room:

    Someone moves into a new house and discover that the key their grandmother gave them, opens up a room with a door that hold great secrets. To open the door, she must find 100 stone slates that fit. A mysterious person, doesn't want them to find it and tries to hide/steal the stones.

    Secret Door:

    One cold winter…

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